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GSS Engineering Consultants Ltd. is located in Owen Sound, Ontario and provides civil and environmental engineering services. The firm partners are Jeff Graham, P. Eng., Rakesh Sharma, P. Eng. and Ross Slaughter, 

P. Eng.

The partners have over 75 years of engineering experience and have completed projects throughout Grey and Bruce Counties, as well as in Simcoe, Dufferin and Perth Counties. They have also undertaken projects for municipalities in Northern Ontario and for First Nation communities. 


Firm expertise includes design and construction management of water and wastewater treatment systems, pumping stations and water storage facilities. Our expertise also includes street reconstruction and design of sanitary sewers, watermains and storm sewers. 


Related services include stormwater management, hydrogeology studies, Class EA’s and other civil and environmental engineering services.



Ross Slaughter P. Eng.
Vice President

Following graduation, Ross worked for the Ministry of the Environment in water resources management until 1979. Since then, he has worked in the consulting engineering industry as a senior engineer and partner.

He has completed many water and wastewater projects, Class EA’s, stormwater management studies, land development projects and alternative energy (biogas) projects.


He also has extensive experience in hydrogeology, including aggregate resource projects and well development. Mr. Slaughter is a graduate of the Civil Engineering program at the University of Guelph (1970).​

Jeff Graham P. Eng.

Jeff's entire career has been in the consulting engineering industry at progressively senior levels.

He has extensive experience in municipal Class EA’s, wastewater and water treatment, linear infrastructure and aquaculture design.  He has completed a variety

of dam assessment and fish habitat projects.

He is also certified by MOECC as a Risk Management Official and Inspector under the Clean Water Act.

Mr. Graham is a graduate of the Water Resources Engineering program at the University of Guelph (1986).

Rakesh Sharma P. Eng, M.Sc,
Secretary - Treasurer

After graduation, Rakesh worked in the design build industry, and since 1989, in the consulting engineering industry.

He has extensive experience with water and waste water treatment, road and storm water management facilities, and erosion control projects. He has completed asset condition assessments and financial plans for municipal and provincial clients.

He is a Level IV water/wastewater treatment and distribution system operator. Mr. Sharma is a graduate of the Engineering program at the University of Delhi (1981) and has a Masters from the University of Toronto (1984).


  • Municipal water systems. Treatment of surface and groundwater supplies, water storage, booster pumping stations and water distribution systems.


  • ​Municipal wastewater systems. Treatment plants, sewage pumping stations, forcemains and ​​​sanitary sewers.


  • Class Environmental Assessments and Master Plans for water, wastewater and stormwater systems.


  • Design of storm water treatment systems for quality and quantity control.


  • Road design and evaluation as well as subdivision design.

  • Site and drainage plans for residential and ICI development.


  • Septic system design, including communal septic systems.


  • Hydrogeology studies for well water supply and aggregate development.


  • Aquaculture facility design, including waste treatment and water supply development.


  • Major erosion control plans and riverbank restoration. 


  • Dam evaluation and design of fish ladders.


  • Environmental sampling and monitoring, including application for ECA's, PTTW's etc.


  • Operation of water and wastewater systems, including provision of certified operators.

  • Asset Condition Assessments and Financial Plans


  • ​Risk management official and inspectors services for Source Water Protection plans.​


Year Established




Located downtown at the Professional building

Just off 3rd Ave East right by 10th St.
(Main street of Owen Sound)


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945 3rd Ave East
Suite 230
Owen Sound, Ontario
N4K 2K8


Business Hours

8:30 am to 5:00 pm


Saturdays and Sundays: 

Give us a call: (519)-372-4828
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